Let’s begin!

As the title suggests this is the first post on this blog as I aim to work my way through 1001 beers.

The About 1001 Beers page will give some more background as to why I haved decided to undertake this journey through World Beer but for now let’s just say it was down to the influence of a good friend and a great choice of birthday present.

That present was a book entitled “1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die” By Adrian Tierney Jones and if you are a beer drinker who is looking to broaden their horizons or just know someone who is, this is a book well worth getting.

Although I had drunk several of the beers listed in the book prior to receiving it, I decided to start again from scratch and work my through the book.

There is little logic or planning in the order in which I am working my way through the beers, it’s more just down to where and when I can get my hands on them.


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